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2017 Presidential Election Results

Important Dates
March 2017
  • 16 - MANDATORY All candidates meeting with committee co-chairs and SGA advisor, noon, MPC SGA office in the University Student Commons
  • 16 - MANDATORY All candidates meeting with committee co-chairs and SGA advisor, 7 p.m., MCV Campus, Hunton Student Center
  • 20 - Campus campaigning, noon
  • 20 - Vice Presidential election application due, Noon
  • 20 - Introduction and Welcome at SGA Senate Meeting, 4 p.m., Forum Room, University Student Commons
  • 22 - Introduction and Welcome at SGA Senate Meeting, 5 p.m., Court End Ballroom, Larrick Student Center
  • 22 - Speeches at SGA Senate Meeting, 5:30 p.m., Court End Ballroom, Larrick Student Center
  • 22 - Candidate Open Forum, 7 p.m., Court End Ballroom, Larrick Student Center
  • 27 - Speeches at SGA Senate Meeting, 4 p.m., Forum Room, University Student Commons
  • 3 - Electronic Elections begin, 9 a.m.
  • 3 - Campus campaigning ends at 11:59 p.m.
  • 5 - Electronic Elections end, 11:59 p.m.
  • 10 - Election Results Announcement, Noon, Monroe Park and MCV Campus SGA Office and the SGA website
  • 27 - SGA Officer Inauguration at the SGA Awards Ceremony, 6 p.m., Commonwealth Ballroom, University Student Commons

Presidential Candidate Election Packet .docx | .pdf

Vice Presidential Candidate Election Packet

Senator Candidate Election Packet


Kanisha Fahie
Elections Commission Co-chair
Monroe Park Campus

Shawn Hakim
Elections Commission Co-chair
MCV Campus

LaDarius Thompson
SGA Advisor

2017 Candidates

Samuel Ahmed
Samuel Ahmed, President, Sophomore

I am a well-rounded candidate through my relationships on campus. My VCU experience is comprised of my involvement in: Advisory Groups, ELP, Fraternity & Sorority Life, RHA, and SGA. I identify myself a servant leader and plan to create a backbone to offer more ways to get involved on campus.

Destiny Moragne
Destinee Moragne, President, Junior

Novel, Effective, and Involved. With me as your SGA President, these are three words that will describe the student government next year. From being a senator, to Academic Affairs Chair, to Chair of Senate; I am experienced, driven, and ready to ensure the student body is represented.

Keith Zirkle
Keith Zirkle, President, Graduate

Having overseen the SGAs’ merger, I am running to continue VCU SGA’s success, secure easier funding for organizations, and ensure the SGA serves the entire student body while recognizing campus-specific concerns. My experience comes from being MCV SGA president 2015-2016 and working with both campuses to form the new SGA.

Chandler Iley
Chandler Iley, President, Junior

A vote for me, Chandler Iley, is a vote for a bold and candid leader who will work tirelessly for the VCU community. With adaptable team development and communication skills, I will facilitate the connection between individuals across our campus. Welcome to the FamILEY!

Vivek Kuruvilla
Vivek Kuruvilla, Vice President, Sophomore

I should be Vice President because through my work as Deputy Chief Justice I know how an SGA is supposed to work. I've helped on assignments from every branch and have experience working with faculty. Together we can create meaningful change for everyone, not just the few that get involved.

Samuel Small
Samuel Small, Vice President, Junior

The SGA is failing the academic community here at VCU. Education is in a dire state in this country with the confirmation of Betsy DeVos and the SGA has turned their backs away from supporting academic organizations here at the University. Please vote for Samuel Small to continue to fight for open mindedness and higher knowledge for the student body of VCU.

Kristina Brandveen
Kristina Brandveen, Vice President, Junior

Furthering the growth of student involvement in University relations is an important aspect I hold dear to my platform. I would like to encourage further growth in more collaborative efforts of University Administration with the study body of both the Medical College of Virginia Health Sciences campus as well as the Monroe Park campus. In addition, aiming for more diversity and inclusion at a higher level is something I feel could be encouraged. I would hope to create a safe space for students to thoroughly express their creative and engaging thoughts through not only open office hours for the Student Government Association but also President Rao and CEO Davis of VCU's Health Systems. VCU will be a more unified student body thoroughly and a place for students to show their concerns to those who sit on the University Board of Visitors as well. At this point in time education and healthcare reform are important topics that impact not only the VCU community but also the Richmond community. Through the numerous partnerships and community engagement, I would like to encourage students to reach out more to those in the undeserved population. VCU is a great university and I know that with the new unified Student Government Association, the VCU student body will be represented well and can continue to uphold its promise of communication to University administration and having a strong student body through the various student organizations.

James McPaul
James F. McPaul, Vice President, Junior

From Delegate, to Senator, to Chair of Appropriations, I possess the knowledge and ability to lead SGA. My experience and charisma have provided me with the qualifications to truly make SGA a powerful voice for all. Vote James McPaul as your Vice President of Undergraduate Studies as I am dedicated, bold, & talented for this position. I'll give you what you deserve.